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Hello and thank you for choosing to read about me.

Few words about me:

This is a story about the power of the will. If all my life has been a struggle against all odds, I was always able to face them with courage, commitment and determination.

“There are no limits to the mind. It just needs to expand freely. The mind should be like water, soft and flexible, but strong and powerful at the same time.”

I am a creative person with ambitions and aspire for the best. I want things to happen. Therefore I want results – and I want them now.

“A goal in my life is to make a difference”

I am a multilingual philologist, a translator, but after additional studies, I acquired experience in other fields as well. I am a senior manager in the field of Project Management for IT-project, Marketing and Implementation of new ideas.

I am interested in everything, but my chief interest is in the intersection between working with people to do good and individual freedom. The vast majority of my activities touch on this in one way or another.

I am a fighter with an alert mind, who has the capacity to understand and knows how to inspire people.

“My passion has always been to make things happen, to be an example to others, to assist them as instructor and mentor, to show the direction and keep the energy of the team!”


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"Taekwondo and Reiki came to my life, in order to change it. It trained my perception and brought me my mission clearly before my eyes."


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